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Investment Opportunities


There are several reasons why Fiji is an excellent place to invest. It has:

An excellent strategic position, as the regional and global hub for the South Pacific-Asia region and for global communications and transportation (shipping and air travel) routes;

A package of trade and investment incentives including duty concessions, investment allowances, tax exemption and tax free regions;

A low corporate tax rate of 20%;

A government that welcomes and supports local and foreign investment and is focused on reforms  that will continue to improve business conditions;

State of the art telecommunication infrastructure that provides links through fibre optic cable connections to the rest of the world;

A well developed infrastructure, including electricity, water supply and internal communications;

Land available at reasonable rates for factory and building construction;

Well developed banking and financial institutions providing full financial services;

Fast registration of foreign investment projects;

A well educated workforce with literacy rate of 93.7%;

Good health and medical facilities including a modern private hospital and medical centres;

As a signatory, access to various trade agreements, frameworks and memorandum of agreements. This allows for better market access and provides a conducive investment climate and opportunities with other countries.