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Certificate of Identity


Certificate of Identity (CI) is issued to Fiji Citizens living in the People’s Republic of China whose passports have expired or are lost and needs to travel to Fiji on emergency cases only.

Fiji Nationals are advised to always keep their passports current and valid

Requirements for an application for a Certificate of Identity: 

  • Completed application form (Incomplete or incorrect forms will be returned).

  • Three (3) recent passport size photographs (only 1 of which must be witnessed by a Notary Public).

  • Fees (US$75.00) in Cash to be paid to the Fiji Consulate.

  • Original Birth Certificate. A photocopy is NOT acceptable.

  • Original Marriage Certificate (for married female applicants who wish to use a last name which differs from that shown in birth certificate).

  • Police report if passport is stolen, newspaper advertisement regarding lost/stolen passport and statutory declaration (form enclosed) stating in detail when, where and how the passport was lost.

  • Letter of explanation for application for a Certificate of Identity.

Please Mail to:

Consulate General of the Republic of Fiji in Shanghai

Room 2006, Gubei 1699, No.1699 Gubei Road, Minhang District, Shanghai. Postcode: 201103

It allows TEN (10) working days for processing. All passports are returned by registered mail unless otherwise requested. All requests for return courier or express mail must be accompanied by remittance of the appropriate fees or inclusion of prepaid express mail envelopes.